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A Doula is a woman experienced in childbirth who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to the mother before, during and just after childbirth. Trained Doulas understand the physiology of birth and the emotional needs of a woman in labor. Generally, Doulas believe that pregnancy and birth are normal, natural and healthy processes. This includes preparation for birth helping the laboring woman with encouragement, comfort measures, relaxation techniques, and an objective viewpoint, as well as support after childbirth, such as help with breastfeeding.


As a trained doula I can assist you in preparing for and carrying out the plans for your birth. I will help to facilitate communication between you, your partner and your clinical care providers. I will be with you throughout the birthing process and assist you with breastfeeding, following the birth, to help to avoid complications.

Once we have entered into an agreement, I make myself available to you 24/7 for telephone conversations, email and text contact. We will have at least two meetings before your birth to discuss the issues important to both you and your partner, help you to write your birth plan and go over birthing positions and ways to be more comfortable during your labor.  We will also  to view a birth video together to discuss the birthing process in depth. I want to help make this...YOUR BIRTH ! Giving birth is something you will remember for a lifetime.  I will help to make it a memorable experience by taking care of the small details, help to answer questions as they arise, and to be there for YOU.

I also have a wonderful group of ladies I work with as back-ups (www.bestdoulas.com) . I, very carefully, keep my calendar booked with only 3-4 clients per month to assure my presence at your special event. The only event(s) that would require my back up would be if I were ill or at another birth. This gives you the added security of knowing there will always be someone there for you in your time of need.

After your birth, I keep myself available to you by telephone, plus we will also have one postpartum visit to discuss your blessed event and help answer questions you might have. I will write an account of your birth in a letter to your baby, as a keepsake, and at that time I am available to assist you with any breastfeeding issues or other problems you may be having.

As a Doula I meet many different women of all shapes, sizes,  color, origin and faiths--holding her hand and learning that we share a sisterhood not only of gender but of experience and desires. As a woman we long for an experience as close to our ideal as possible, with good outcomes and happy memories.  It means sharing those memories, accepting what we cannot change, and working toward elevating ourselves from a position of vulnerability to a new level of self-empowerment--all within the space of a few hours.

    Recommended Reading:

    Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn, Revised and Updated :                                 The Complete Guide

    By Simkin, Whalley, Keppler

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    By Henci Goer

    Birthing from Within: An Extra-Ordinary Guide to Childbirth Preparation

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by Nancy Mohrbacher, IBCLC

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          Ina May's Guide to Childbirth

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Advantages of a Doula

There are several benefits of having a doula at your birth.

    * A 50% reduction in your chance of having a cesarean

    * A 60% reduction in the use of epidural anesthesia and 30% reduction in the use of narcotics

    * A 40% reduction in the use of Pitocin (the synthetic version of oxytocin

    * A 25% reduction in the time of labor

    * A 40% reduction in the use of forceps and vacuum extraction

Getting Started.....WHY do YOU need a Doula?